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Mr. Magazine - Why Italian Sportswear Brand Scarci Is A Must-See This Season

Kevin Swan
With the exponential growth of the brand, SCARCI comes to market this season with a new re-focus, moving from solely a “resortwear brand” to a full “sportswear brand.” “As the brand grew into more performance-based products, sportswear became a better defining category term for the brand, while resort wear became the defining collection,” Swan t...
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Fort Lauderdale Boat Show: How to Stand out for All the Right Reasons

Kevin Swan
How to dress and stand out at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. “The Greatest Boat Show On The Seven Seas”, there will be a wide variety of boats on display, with exhibits ranging from yacht builders and designers to dynamic car and boat brokers. Follow our fashion advice to be comfortable and still make a statement.
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How To Style A SCARCI Texture V Neck

Kevin Swan
When you walk into a room, heads turn. Your sense of style brings about a confidence that people immediately take notice of. It’s undeniable. Like me, your desire to live the good life extends far beyond your affinity for travel, culture, and the arts. You appreciate what it means to wear a luxury garment made of the finest materials and crafted...
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What To Wear For A Weekend In Vegas

Kevin Swan
What should a gentleman wear for a weekend in Vegas? It’s the city where anything is possible, and all kinds of fun can be had. From the endless opulence of this city’s incredible hotels, to the elegance and buzz of their world-famous casinos, parties, nightclubs and shows. Fashion tips for any occasion in Vegas.
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