How To Style A SCARCI Texture V Neck

by Kevin Swan on August 21, 2018

When you walk into a room, heads turn. Your sense of style brings about a confidence that people immediately take notice of. It’s undeniable.

Like me, your desire to live the good life extends far beyond your affinity for travel, culture, and the arts. You appreciate what it means to wear a luxury garment made of the finest materials and crafted to be the highest quality.

That’s why when you see a basic t-shirt, I know you’re looking for more. Your standard shorts and tee combo just does not live up to your standards.

While designing this seasons Monte Carlo Collection, I wanted to creatively conceptualize something truly unique, texture V-Necks. With a variety of colors, fabrics, and textures available, our Made in Italy, luxury texture V-Necks are far beyond standard.

Our V-Necks can be styled to suit any occasion, whether it be while vacationing on a yacht, sipping on your favorite Merlot, or even while attending an important business conference. A SCARCI texture V-Neck is the ultimate way to achieve effortless, cool style, while still maintaining your reputation as the best dressed, no matter the occasion.

While I know style has never been a problem for you, today I'm giving you a little inspiration for how to style your SCARCI V-Neck next time you’re looking to up your fashion game.



Wear Your Texture V Neck With A Suit

Oftentimes we think of wearing a suit with a dress shirt, but to easily bring a more relaxed vibe to your outfit, I suggest swapping out your traditional dress shirt with a SCARCI V-Neck.




Blazer + Denim + Texture V Neck

If there’s one perfect match made in men’s fashion heaven, it’s most definitely this one. It’s impossible to get a more perfect mix of casual, sophistication. Complete this look with dress shoes for a night on the town, or throw on your favorite sneakers for a weekend outing.




SCARCI V Neck Made For Yachting

And yes, of course we can’t possibly forget the style perfection that is a pair of board shorts, boat shoes, and a Monte Carlo V-Neck. It’s never a challenge to enjoy a day on the water, but feeling that sea-salt breeze is even more rewarding when you’re sporting a fresh, lightweight SCARCI V-Neck that is relaxed and comfortable, however you feel secure you are wearing something truly unique and quality.




Timeless Style Accompaniment

If you’ve already established your style, and you know exactly how to wear your V-Neck, we recommend accessorizing with a wrist watch. Why? Well, it will easily bring an automatic style edge to any outfit. We suggest something classic, neutral, and masculine to subtly accentuate your appreciation for fine craftsmanship.


And there you have it: a little style inspiration to get the wheels turning next time you reach for your blazer or sports coat. Try pairing it with a SCARCI V-Neck for a casual evening or a day at the office. You ready, men?

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