What To Wear For A Weekend In Vegas

by Kevin Swan on May 25, 2018

There’s no greater getaway than a weekend in Vegas. It’s the city where anything is possible, and all kinds of fun can be had by those who seek it out. From the endless opulence of this city’s incredible hotels, to the elegance and buzz of their world-famous casinos, parties, nightclubs and shows; it’s a place which attracts elite holiday-makers by the thousand.

Which leads us to ask a pertinent question: what exactly should a gentleman wear for a weekend in Vegas?

This isn’t necessarily as straightforward as one might imagine. To start with, you’ll have to consider the climate, as well as the various dress codes required for the city’s top nightspots. Of course, you want to look smart - clothes maketh the man, after all, but where does the line lie between smart and casual? These questions are important ones to answer. When we’re dressed well and looking sharp, we exude a confidence and sense of place. We turn heads and elicit intrigue. Who knows? Maybe such a boost in confidence will even translate to luck on the blackjack table.

Made In Italy: A Mark of Quality

Las Vegas is all about effortless style and nonchalant elegance. It’s a city where you can combine looking great with letting your hair down, and it’s a place where people love to see and be seen. As such, Italian-made clothes are the ideal choice for packing in your suitcase before your weekend away begins.

Why? Because in Italy, craftsmanship is everything. It’s a country where you can still find tailors and designers who’ve inherited their skills over generations of expertise. The finest materials meet the most talented manufacturers, and the results are rarely less than spectacular. In this sense, Italian clothing could not be more suited for the hustle and bustle of Vegas. After all, in a city this brightly lit and vibrant, why would you want to be wearing anything that didn’t show off your most sophisticated side?

What to wear when out and about

One of the best things about a weekend in Vegas is that there’s so much to see. Whether you’re cruising among the amazing architecture, or heading away from the strip to catch the skyline, it’s a wonderful city to move from place to place in. Which brings us to our next point: Las Vegas is hot. In the summer months, the temperatures can be scorching… and this means you’ll have to think carefully about what to wear during your trip.

Practicality, lightness and style; these are the holy trinity when it comes to Vegas daytime clothing. When it comes to these three factors, there are few fabrics on earth more suitable than Italian linen. This beautiful material should be the bread and butter of any sophisticated man’s Vegas wardrobe - it’s breathable yet durable, light yet smart, and bridges the gap between casual, laid-back class and real elegance and style. Keep it understated and classic with a linen button-up, and you simply can’t go far wrong.

What to wear in the evenings

Of course, no trip to Las Vegas would be complete without a night on the town. Casinos, clubs, bars and shows… these are the main draws of this city that never sleeps.

Here at SCARCI, we believe that one of the best looks for an evening out in Vegas involves the combination of one of our signature made in Italy v-neck tops, worn with a sports jacket or blazer and smart trousers. Why? Because it ticks several boxes, and ensures a confident, comfortable style which is sure to put you in the best possible light.

This combo shows that you’re a man who is comfortable in his own skin. You don’t need to slavishly follow the rules of etiquette and formal wear, and yet you’re no average Joe, either. The Italian v-neck provides a sharp, fashionable angle, and the superiority of our craftsmanship shines through for all to see. When brought together with a blazer, you’re combining practicality (remember, the air conditioning in those casinos often gets turned up very high!) with elegance, and there’s no doubt you’ll get more than a few admiring glances when dressed in such a way.

That’s our brief guide of what to wear for a weekend in Vegas - we hope you’ve enjoyed reading our thoughts on the subject. As always, we’d love to hear from you - which SCARCI items would you be sure to pack in your suitcase for a weekend away? Just shoot us an email at concierge@scarci.com


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