Luxury mens fashion, fabricated by impeccable Italian craftsmanship in Italy's top quality fabrics




SCARCI is destination travel wear for the distinguished globetrotter. A luxury fashion brand that combines traditional Italian tailoring and craftsmanship with a contemporary eye for style and fabric, offering an updated travel wardrobe for men and women of the utmost quality, comfort and elegance.

Travel Wear Redefined

The brand was born in 2012 from the shared vision of two men, creative director Kevin Swan, the other a successful entrepreneur. Both discerning voyagers themselves, their vision was to reinvent resort wear to meet the luxury lifestyle demands of the well-dressed traveler. United in an uncompromising resolution to find the highest quality fabrics and workmanship, the founders set sail on a sartorial journey through the Americas, Asia and Europe until they met their match in Italy, the very heart of old world craftsmanship. They partnered with specialist manufacturers and tailors in Bergamo, who share their same high standards of quality and attention to detail, and bring over 100 years of Italian heritage to the brand.

SCARCI’s first men’s collection, inspired by the yachting lifestyle, was launched in 2014 and, in July 2016, the brand was officially unveiled to the fashion world during New York Men’s Fashion Week.

Quality In Every Detail

Today SCARCI offers elegant yet versatile clothing for every occasion, taking you from the yacht to cocktail hour. As well as working with beautiful lightweight Italian linen and silk, the brand develops unique fabric blends to offer quality, comfort and durability in different moments, all the while remaining luxuriously soft to the touch. SCARCI’s exquisite quality is not only apparent in the look and feel of each luxury fabric but also in the tailoring and fit of each garment, designed to suit different sizing requirements and tastes.

Attention is also paid to the aesthetic details, from the brand’s signature jacquard motifs hand woven into the T-shirts that add flair and texture to classic pieces to the selection of mother of pearl buttons for their shirts and a touch of 18kt gold embellishment. Each of these unique elements has a story behind it, inspired by the founders’ personal travels and their appreciation for the finer things in life.

SCARCI is timeless clothing with flair that, put simply, is a pleasure to wear. More than just a fashion brand, SCARCI embodies la buona vita from head to toe.

Italian Heritage

With over 100 years of historic Italian heritage, SCARCI’s designers and factory partners bring generations of fine craftsmanship to distinguished travelers, looking for comfort and quality resort wear.