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Luxury resort wear, fabricated by impeccable Italian craftsmanship in Italy's top quality fabrics



The Ideology

SCARCI Italian Wear was conceptualized with one single ideology; design the best resort clothing available and we have accomplished just that.

A Gentlemen's Handshake

Together, the visions of two diverse gentlemen come together. One, a passionate Creative Director with an eye for detail. The other, a visionary entrepreneur with much success in International Business. Both share a similar interest for luxury clothing. As distinguished travelers of the world, it became apparent there was not a brand available that could accommodate the level of elegance and exclusivity in resort clothing that luxury travelers and yacht owners were accustomed to. Both men, taking a risk on each other, set sail on this adventure.

Unmatched Quality

They began by researching the top, most unique fabrics in the world. Their journey took them through North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Ultimately, the conclusion was very clear why Italy has always been considered the “luxury garment makers of the world”. Unmatched in quality, true Italian heritage and culture was made apparent in every intricate detail.

Italian Heritage

With over 100 years of historic Italian heritage, SCARCI’s designers and factory partners bring generations of fine craftsmanship to distinguished travelers, looking for comfort and quality resort wear.