Kevin Swan Atlanta-born Kevin’s love for fashion was sparked from an early age. In high school, he rejected sport for art class, preferring to express himself artistically, and his wardrobe soon became his most creative outlet. Following a brief foray into architecture, he switched to the advertising world before his life took a sudden turn and he was approached by a well-known music producer to help form a new band. This musical journey took him touring around the country with a chart topping hit and the release of an album in 1998. When it ended in 2004, he returned to advertising, opening his own successful agency, but music continued to inspire his creativity.

A chance meeting in 2012 with his now business partner led Kevin back to his first love: fashion. They bonded over a love of travel and luxury fashion and what had previously seemed an unattainable dream for Kevin suddenly became a reality. Together, they identified a niche in the market for modern-day luxury travel wear and the SCARCI brand was born.

Kevin Swan fashion deBound and determined to produce the finest quality garments on the market, Kevin set about teaching himself the language of fashion and the technicalities of design and production. He bought a sewing machine and started making clothes for himself and his daughter, fine-tuning his understanding of pattern making, stitching, fit and the other intricacies of tailoring. With this knowledge, he traveled up and down the coast of Italy in search of the highest quality fabrics and craftsmanship for SCARCI.

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Kevin personally tries and tests every fabric and garment himself firm in his resolve to remain true to the brand’s founding values. And he applies his creative spirit and eye for detail to every one of SCARCI’s unique designs.