Made in Italy: A Brief History

by Kevin Swan on May 16, 2018

Italy is known the world over for its refined sense of style and workmanship. When people hear the words Made in Italy, they associate them with the utmost quality, elegance, luxury and attention to detail. This reputation is built on centuries of skilled Italian artisans tailors crafting beautiful Italian clothing from high quality materials and their knowledge and techniques being passed down through generations.

Italian fashion first started to make a name for itself during the Renaissance period (14th to 17th centuries) when the art of dressing became important and both Italian men and women developed an eye for style and a taste for sumptuous fabrics and well-fitted, tailored garments such as the giornea and cioppa. The Italians’ appreciation for fine fashion was revived again in the mid 19th century during the Risorgimento (unification) of Italy that continued until 1861 when the country was finally proclaimed a single Kingdom of Italy. It was during this time that the first Italian velvet dress was created, made exclusively in Italy using Italian materials, and the era of Verdi operas and extravagant costumes inspired the Italian people to take pride in their wardrobe and appearance.

It was also in Italy that one of the most successful fashion shows of its time took place in 1951 at the Pitti Palace in Florence, hosted by Italian businessman Giovanni Battista Giorgini, who played a major role in establishing Italy’s position in the luxury fashion world and showcasing the work of its highly accomplished designers. As a result, during the 1950s and 60s, Florence became Italy's fashion capital and its designers were at the forefront of experimenting with new luxury fabrics, form, cut and colours. Milan took over this role during the 1970s as the first Italian resort wear and ready to wear collections emerged, making fashion more accessible to the masses and the Made in Italy tag became desirable around the world.

Following in the footsteps of our gifted Italian ancestors, SCARCI embraces old world Italian craftsmanship and tailoring at every level of production. Our modern day artisans share the same meticulous eye for fit, cut and quality. We use only the finest Italian linen, pima cotton and silk in our luxury resort wear, tailored shirts and other garments, making each piece ultra soft, lightweight, breathable and elegant. We strive for the same blend of high fashion meets classic comfort that lives up to the age-old made in Italy phenomenon.

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