Big Boy’s Toys: The Superyacht Gadgets Of The Global Elite

by Kevin Swan on May 15, 2018
There are two types of yacht owners in this world. Either you like to spend your time at sea relaxing and luxuriating in your quality Italian beachwear, enjoying the gentle lull of the waves and the sense of freedom only the open ocean provides. Or, you see the big blue as an endless playground, a series of exciting challenges; something to be conquered with speed, thrills, and various adrenaline-pumping activities.

Whether you fit into one camp or the other, or find yourself somewhere between the two, there’s one thing that can’t be denied: the past decade has seen an explosion of interest in superyacht ‘toys’: hi-tech gadgets and thrill-seeking machines, designed to give the global yachting elite something new to get excited about.

Indeed, the entire superyacht industry has proven remarkably recession-proof. The vessels keep getting bigger, longer and more wondrous, the interiors grow ever more decadent, and they toys available continue to show themselves off as seriously incredible innovations, made with sheer fun in mind. Let’s feast our eyes on the top five superyacht toys currently on the market, and consider what might be the next big thing in the world of yachting and luxury sea travel.


Seabreacher S: The Ultimate Spy Machine

Built by dream-weaving Barcelona-based innovators Charterdart, the Seabreacher S is undeniably the most awe-inspiring and beautiful superyacht toy in the world today. It looks - to be frank - like a prop from an unmade James Bond movie, rejected by the studio for being too outlandish, and seems like the most fun you could possibly have in the water.

The Seabreacher S is what is known as a ‘semi-submersible’ - something between a mini-sub and a speedboat, which can be sailed either on or below the water. That’s nothing particularly new in itself, but the fact that Charterdart have carefully designed these to not only look like whales, sharks and dolphins, but also to move like them, most certainly is. In one of these dream-machines, you can whizz underwater at 38 mph, and leap up over the waves like a shark on the hunt for its dinner. The large bubble screen offers 360 degree views of your new underwater domain, and it comes with a kicking sound system, too! It’s truly a spectacular piece of design, and sure to become the must-have yacht accessory for the coming years.


JetSurf Electric Surfboards

Surfing on an old-school surfboard can be real hard work, and mastering those moves on the waves is something that takes years of practice. Jetsurf has come up with a gadget that not only makes it easy to cut some awesome shapes on the sea, but which is also rideable during even the most placid weather when the waves are lying dormant and calm.

Made by the Monte Carlo-based company Luxury Water Toys, Jetsurf boards are widely regarded as the creme-de-la-creme of a new generation of surfboard-jetski hybrids. Hitting eye-watering top speeds of 36 mph, they’re reportedly easy to use thanks to their hand-held electric controls and amazing maneuverability. Just imagine hitting the sands in your Italian luxury swimwear, and feeling the amazing sense of liberation that such a device could offer - you’d be the envy of the entire beach.


Superyacht Sub 3: Diving Deeper Than Ever Before

User-friendly minisubs have been a feature of many top of the range superyachts for years now, but the technology is finally catching up with the dreams of amateur deep sea explorers. The Superyacht Sub 3 is the zenith of the industry’s offerings, and gives those lucky enough to own one the chance to live out their wildest underwater dreams, thanks to its incredible design and capabilities.

Never before has a civilian submarine been capable of diving to depths of 300 metres, and been fitting with such comforts. With space for you and two guests, you can check out what’s going on deep beneath the hull of your yacht, and investigate everything from sea caves to shipwrecks, coral reefs and the majesty of the sea bed. A truly unique and remarkable experience, sure to satisfy the desires of those looking for the ultimate ocean encounters.


Parajet: Getting the Seagull’s Eye View

Yachting is all about gaining a sense of freedom that simply isn’t available on dry land. However, superyacht toys don’t have to be all about the water - there’s a big, beautiful blue sky up there, just waiting to be explored. The Parajet is the latest innovation in easy-to-use flying machines, and is the perfect opportunity to view your vessel from above and gain views beyond those of your wildest dreams.

Essentially, the Parajet is a wearable lightweight propellor, combined with a wide paragliding sail that allows you to fly from the deck of your yacht into the clouds above. However, unlike with traditional paragliding, there’s no need to be yanked along by a rope attached to a speedboat - this is all about serene, graceful gliding and free-flying at leisure. The producers claim that these devices are safe, easy to master, and quick to construct and pack away again, making them ideal for an impulsive take off when you need to get away from it all: unbridled luxury for those who demand only the best.


The Flyboard: The Closest We’ve Come to a Real Jetpack (So Far)

OK - so the real rocketeer jetpacks we’ve seen in the movies are still in their development stage, but until they’re commercially available, the Flyboard is the next best thing. And they’re no poor substitute; a Flyboard genuinely allows you to zoom above and over the sea, using the awesome power of water propulsion to make it possible.

There’s no wonder these gadgets have become one of the must-have accessories for superyacht owners in recent years: they look like an enormous amount of fun to play with. Despite the fact that they’re somewhat tricky to get the hang of, once you’ve mastered using one, you can leap like a dolphin from the water, hit high speeds underwater, and even lift yourself metres into the air like a superhero. As far as superyacht toys go, this one is difficult to beat when it comes to enjoyability and drama!


Whether you’re a thrill-seeker yourself, or someone who’d rather spend their time on their yacht enjoying some much-needed escapism in your Italian linen resort wear, there’s so much out there to experience. We’d love to hear from you if you’ve ever had the chance to use any of these devices, or if you’ve got some yachting stories of your own… so get in touch via the comments and let us know your thoughts!